Our History

Going back as far as the 1990s, some members of Grace Baptist Church (GBC) of Carlisle, Pa. had a concern to see a Reformed Baptist church planted on the West Shore of Harrisburg, Pa. A number of these members lived on the West Shore, but faithfully traveled to Carlisle to hear God’s Word preached. In 2008, the concern to have a Reformed Baptist church on the West Shore began to be realized when the elders of GBC prayerfullyconsidered the possibility.
The result of the elders' prayerful analysis was that there was both a desire and a need to have a Reformed Baptist church on the West Shore. Therefore, a plan was proposed and began to be implemented in 2010. A Bible study that had been meeting on the West Shore for years became the initial core group for the new church.
This core group was encouraged to begin an evening service in August, 2011. The group met in the basement of the Camp Hill United Methodist Church. The Lord blessed this time of worship and fellowship. New families joined with the group. The core group, along with the people of GBC, were encouraged to press on in God's providence to secure a three year lease for a commercial facility where Sunday school and morning worship could begin and where other weekly activities or services such as prayer meeting could be held.
The core group voted to call the new church Grace Reformed Baptist Church (GRBC). We constituted as a church in October 2012.